Cartoon Games

Gamers can’t talk about cartoon games without mentioning Kingdom Hearts at the top of their list. In 2002, Kingdom Hearts is a heralded game that was both action and role‐playing. It mixed characters from both Square (the video game company) and Disney (yes, that Disney). Originally meant to be a children’s game, Square’s overhead felt it would fail if it didn’t appeal to a larger audience. Kingdom Hearts is meant to be a game in the likeness of Final Fantasy while at the same time appealing to lovers of all things Disney.


The majority of Kingdom Hearts is set in distinctive Disney worlds (think Neverland, Halloween Town) with an additional four added in by Square. The worlds are meant to look as different as possible, but at the same time keeping the various characters within the realm of their respective settings. The creation of Kingdom Hearts happened by accident, really. If it wasn’t for a chanced meeting in an elevator the entire franchise would have never been created.


Kingdom Hearts was originally marketed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2001. A playable demo was introduced later that year and in order to try and appeal to a wide audience it was announced that many of the original voices of the Disney characters would voice the characters in Kingdom Hearts. Notable actors were hired when it wasn’t possible to have the original voice, including James Woods and Mandy Moore. While many gamers thought that the musical score would be that of the original Disney movies, Square had a better idea. They went ahead and created an all new score which was performed by the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Although there have been many cartoon games on the market, many gamers look to Kingdom Hearts as being one of the top cartoon games of all time.